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Website Tutorial


First of all...

How to license video footage from Discovery Access:

If you are an employee of Discovery Communications or are a production partner working on a commission or co-production project for Discovery, please contact us for alternate pricing information prior to ordering video footage online. Those working on projects unrelated to Discovery may proceed unassisted if they wish, or contact us for help.


Search video footage clips

The first step in licensing stock footage through is to find what you're looking for.

  • Enter any key terms in the large search field at the top of the page and hit search.
  • After viewing your displayed results of clips, you can further refine your query using the filter tools displayed on the left hand side of the page.
  • Please note that you can hover your cursor over the thumbnails for video previews or simply click on them to see the clip in a larger view.


Save and Share Footage

Clips that you select will go into the Default Clipbin. If you want to further manage the clips you've selected or share your clips, you will have to create a clip bin in which to store your clip selections.

  • Click “My Clip Bins” in the top right of the page, beneath the search bar.
  • Select "Create a new clip bin" from the drop down menu, then name your clip bin and include any notes you'd like associated with the clip bin.
  • When creating a clip bin, you can set the focus to that clip bin. This will default all clips you select from here on out to go into that clip bin, until you direct the focus elsewhere.
  • Clips can be added to your focused clip bin by clicking on the “+” icon on the clip thumbnail. Alternatively, you can check the box on the thumbnail to the left of the clip number, then use the “Clip Bin Tools” drop down menu to specify which clip bin you would like to send that clip to.
  • Once clips are in the clip bin, you will be able to share the clip bin with others and add clips to the cart for license.
  • Please note that the rights you want can be selected for each individual clip before moving it to the cart, or selected once the clip is in the cart. You will not be able to proceed to checkout until rights are selected for each clip in the cart.


License Video Clips

Now that you have found a clip, reviewed it, and decided that you have to have it, it's time to license.

  • If you want to test the shot out prior to purchase, simply click “Download comp” from the top left hand list of options before you purchase a clip. You will get a watermarked low-res comp file instantly to work with FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Below the clip is a series of simple drop down menus from which you can select the rights that you will need for your production.
  • The market price of the clip will display after you have made your rights selections.
  • Click "add to your cart."
  • If you are working on a Discovery-affiliated project, please email and one of our staff will review your project, confirm whether it a commission or a co-production, and set the fees appropriately.
  • Once we have confirmed that you are set to order, you will need proceed to checkout and use a credit card to pay any license fees or technical fees. After checking out, your masters will restore from the archive - typically within 20 minutes - and the "download" button will appear in your order.


Contact Us

If you need assistance on how to use the web site, need help checking out your cart, or have a question about any of the online content:

  • Click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this page. Once there, place your cursor on your home location on the map. You will then see the relevant contact(s) for your region.
  • Or, email,
  • Or, call 1-240-662-4002.